The secret to a happy relationship is in the sharing

You know how there are parts of meals that someone likes but another doesn’t?

For example, I like to eat only the stuffing in turkey, but not the turkey itself, whereas my mom hates the stuffing but likes the turkey.

Or take dark or white meat on a chicken for example.

BF and I just had this conversation the other day on what to make for our meals for the whole week.

Me: Let’s try that new recipe out. We’ll have to buy a whole chicken, though.*

*Note: This is because the best tasting chicken only sells as a whole, not in parts. We would also eat one chicken for the week between the two of us.

BF: Okay…. WAIT! Who’s going to eat the white meat? I don’t like the breast and neither do you.

Me: Shoot. Forgot about that. How about we flip a coin?

BF: *grimaces* No. I don’t like that idea.

Me: Wouldn’t it be great if you loved the white meat? And I could take all the dark meat for myself?

BF: Wouldn’t it be great if YOU loved white meat?

Me: I think it’s better on your end πŸ˜›

BF: It would be so great for our relationship if we could share a whole chicken for the week and we’d each get what we want.

Me: Maybe we can procreate kids who will love white meat and then we can take the dark meat together.

BF: I would love that. Or we can get friends who love white meat and only invite them over for dinner to finish off what we don’t like to eat.

Me: Can you imagine? That could be our friend filter, like “Hey you can only be our friends if you’ll eat white meat.

BF: We’d have no friends at all!

Me: Let’s put a hunk of butter on that breast, then. Or a lot of sauce. I don’t see a way out unless you take one for the team.

So there you have it.

The secret to a harmonious relationship of meat-eaters is that one person loves the white meat and the other loves dark.

Barring that, we’ll have to procreate and brainwash our children into loving the parts we don’t like.

I feel like I could apply this philosophy to everything, given some time. πŸ˜›

Disclaimer: Yes, this is a tongue-in-cheek post, a.k.a… a joke.


Head over to Wealth Artisan and read this wonderful post called 7 Dollars and the World Around you.

Here’s a teaser:

All of that didn’t cost much more than 7 dollars, but with the smile on her face you would have thought I handed her a winning lotto ticket.

I gave her a hug, and let her know that God loves her, and God’s people will watch out for her, and a look of re-assurance came across her face.

I could have done a lot of things with that 7 Dollars, but none of it would have made a bigger difference in anyone’s life than the way it was spent tonight.

Please, look out for yourself, your family, and the ones you love, but don’t forget that there is a whole world out there that just needs a little love, attention, and affection.

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