The most unsatisfying degrees ranked by college degree

Psychology majors have it rough.

They have the lowest job satisfaction of all the college degrees out there.

Just check it out!

Ms. Seidman said that the least satisfied career changers she works with tend to be those who fell into general majors, such as philosophy or African-American studies, and ended up in unrelated fields. When those people apply to jobs outside their majors, she recommends that they don’t even put the major on their résumés. “It’s not something you want to advertise,” she said.

(Yahoo Finance)

How interesting!

I feel like these are the top 3 possible reasons why:

  1. The lower ranked degrees are too general to be specific to an actual job role, title and definition (as mentioned above) but I know tons of people in the “lower ranked” satisfaction fields who love their jobs
  2. There isn’t a demand (sorry, it’s true!) or the market isn’t ready for them yet (environmental engineering)
  3. The top ranked degrees seem more technical in nature using math, science or computer management skills, or are considered “fun” like Advertising

What do you think accounts for the above stats?


How does your job satisfaction rank in relation to your college degree?

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