So, what do you want for Christmas? (Also, read on for how to make a cheap protective cover for your handheld devices)

This question is BOUND to come up:

What do you want for Christmas?*

I know it’s only the start November, but I am seeing a lot of sparkly red, silver and green decorations going up in stores.

(*Apologies to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. I don’t really celebrate Christmas either, being a godless heathen, but I do like the holiday spirit in general, and it makes me happy each year to see everyone around us all smiley, sparkly and full of good cheer.)

Seeing as I already pretty much have everything I could really want or need…

  • My health
  • Shelter
  • Transportation (Having a car with heating in winter is a luxury for me, after years of taking the bus)
  • Great food (Cooked by BF! He’s been making my lunches for me <3)
  • A happy family doing well for themselves
  • A loving BF who is doing well
  • Steady employment until the end of this year
  • Savings in the bank to weather most financial storms
  • Long vacation in the works coming up
  • No debt

Then this is what my wishlist for 2010 would look like:

No, you aren’t reading incorrectly, and there isn’t a broken image!

That’s the look of ‘nothing’!!!

Don’t get me wrong.

I want many pretty things, but I don’t really, REALLY want them that badly enough to pay for them and add the clutter to my life.

See, I’ve decided that I already bought I what I could’ve wanted for Christmas – my Apple iPod Touch 64GB and a cute case to go with it from Belkin.

(Case purchased: It’s pure snowy white and the blue is a bit darker than that)

I didn’t get a screen protector because I MacGuyvered my own version (Scroll to the end of this post for my cheap how-to).

So what’s left?

I’m thinking that the only other thing I REALLY want is that darn piano. I miss playing the piano and it’s something I really enjoy.

As mentioned before, I just don’t feel good buying it now, seeing as we’ll be moving and I don’t want to bring it back and forth, worried that it will get damaged in transit, so I have my solution:

Readers, when I get a job in Dallas Texas, sign the employment papers and work my first day after my move to the U.S., I will buy myself that piano, a hard carrying case, a stand and a damper pedal to go along with it.

You heard it here first.

I’ve already gone so long without my own portable piano, what’s a little while longer? Maybe the price will drop or I can buy it used. 🙂

As for the rest of the pretty things I want?

I’m already going to shell out about $7000 – $10,000 (okay, let’s just say $10,000 because we all know I can’t resist cute things, tasty food and foreign CANDY) on my trip to Asia in 2011, so I don’t feel like I should really buy anything else (read: I don’t want anything bad enough to willingly fork over money for them.)

(Note: Can I also say how grateful I am to have come so far financially & emotionally?

2 years ago if you had told me: “Hey FB, you will be able to buy that $3000 piano (including accessories) that you want without any financial hardship or extra debt and not having to worry about the cost of it being a huge burden”, I would have scoffed at you.

Never ever would I have imagined this becoming a reality.)

So, what do you want for Christmas?

FOOTNOTE: How to ghettofab out your devices with cheap and clear protective covers

If you are not willing to shell out $20 for a single piece of plastic, look into buying a roll of those clear transparent paper-like film covers that people use to cover book fronts to protect them for $15/huge roll.

It was free for me, as BF had already bought the roll for his other devices.

Sure, the plastic won’t really stand up to keys or a rock being rubbed really hard against the screen like some of the other armor-like plastics out there, but I go pretty easy on my devices.

I just want to protect them from everyday scratches, keys lightly hitting the screen (if ever) and it’s only $15 for a huge roll that you can cut out and customize. It’s ghetto FABULOUS, and you can replace it as many times as you want when the cover starts to wear down (if ever).

It isn’t as clear or as beautiful as the other covers for $20, but it’s enough for me to be able to use it outside (somewhat, not very good in very bright sunlight), and the screen is bright enough to shine through any imperfections.

To keep the plastic film on, I got a Belkin rubber case to hold in the sides and protect the back (that already got scratched up a bit in the 2 days I’ve had it). It won’t work as well if you have it on a cellphone or something without an edge or a frame to hold in the plastic so you aren’t constantly peeling it off by accident.

Hey, at least it isn’t plastic wrap I’m using. 😛

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