Ranting: Is it different coming from a man or a woman?

Methinks so.

A ex-reader who wrote in a comment and told me that even though I warned everyone I would be ranting in a post, he was to become an ex-reader because one of my former rants from almost 2 years ago or more turned too hormonal for him to stomach.

(I can respect his opinion & decision even if I don’t think it holds any merit seeing as this is a personal blog talking about life with a bit of money talk thrown in here and there and I am not forcing anyone to read it.)

But I am more interested in the language he used.

When a woman rants, she’s called hysterical or full of hormones (like yours truly).

When a man rants, he’s a ballbuster or a aggressive [insert expletive here].

My real question is why are the words for women so soft and STUPID?

I’d rather be called an aggressive ass than a hysterical woman. It makes me think of some helpless, stupid woman who can’t control how she feels, and trust me, I don’t think of myself like that.

I can go into major rants that are uncontrollable and full of anger or frustration, but I’m not hormonal.

I’m just angry or frustrated, damn it!

But can’t men be sensitive and emotional too?

Why don’t we ever blame men ranting for just having too many hormones? We know they have them by the bundle.

So readers I ask you:

Have you ever called a man who was ranting in a post as too sensitive, too hormonal pile of emotions?



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The entire Gossip Girl soundtrack. Despite it’s very girly, pre-teen sort of name, it is an incredible set of songs. (Okay, I so love the show too..)

I don’t think there’s an official soundtrack out yet, but you can find a lot of the music sorted by episode.

I think men and women would enjoy the music. It isn’t all Hannah Montana. (Just kidding.)

A good mix of not-so-popular songs, interesting artists, soft songs, fast ones, rap, R&B, soul and popular artists.

I am totally making this my new must-listen-to playlist on my iPod, and as “backup” general music on the iPod Touch.

And I haven’t deleted any song yet <– that is what I do when I hate certain songs on soundtracks or from artists. I only keep what I like.

That’s how good it is!


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