October 2010 Budget Roundup +$18,136


Beyond Norms featured my other blog (The Everyday Minimalist) as one of the 15 bloggers which includes some pretty big names (not referring to my blog of course) to answer:

‘What’s the wisest and most inspirational piece of advice you’ve come across (read, been given or come up with yourself), that really pushed you to live the life you lead?’

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OCTOBER 2010 INCOME: $20,768.50

  • Who loves overtime? I do! I do! Especially when I get compensated for it.
  • Made some money freelancing on the side (not much)
  • Most of it is in my business and I’ll leave it there until I take it out in dividends

OCTOBER 2010 EXPENSES: $2836.87

  • BUSINESS: $1662.60

PERSONAL: $1174.27 or $905.97 depending on how you look at it

I feel good without having insurance in there, that my regular expenses would have been $905.97, even with my rent taking up more than half of my $1000 monthly budget (damn!).

For the pie chart: I removed all the blank categories, they were screwing my pie chart up!

  • I went out to eat the other day and realized why I don’t go out to eat. The food was awful, and I wasted $15. Bah.
  • I haven’t been spending much on entertainment, I’ve been working instead and that zaps your energy
  • Parking is really a bitch. I gotta tell ya, I miss not having a car because then I wouldn’t have to pay these #*$@&$ parking fees ($300/month)

NET WORTH for October 2010: $146,113

Increase from September 2010 by $18,136 or by 12%

As usual, BF’s money is not included in this estimate, and the change from month to month is my retirement accounts going up slightly as well.

I am keeping my Retirement assets as is (not adding any more money), and most of my savings are liquid as possible because I need to be ready to leave the country at any time.


  • Cash: $813
  • Emergency Fund: $42,919
  • Savings: $3820
  • Retirement: $29,101
  • Business: $69,460



How did I create this budget? Check out my budgeting tool here.

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