I feel downright awkward sometimes.

Inspired by Paranoid Asteroid’s “Getting Old” post, it made me realize that sometimes I feel downright awkward around people my age.

(Jersey Shore morons.)

Update: I think some people are getting really hung on up on my bashing of the show, but I am talking more about NORMAL people who act in the style of the show.

As pointed out, they make $60,000 per episode, yes.. but there are real people out there who act and emulate them, who are normal kids that don’t make $60,000 per episode to be drunk and stupid.

Don’t get caught up in the actual show as the main focus of this post, I am talking about the show as an example of behaviour that exists and has been encountered in real life.

Not specifically these reality TV show stars.

I also said below: I don’t understand those shows, and not once did I write I don’t understand how these people are making so much money per episode on a show.

It was more of a: I don’t understand how what they do can be considered as a fun, exciting lifestyle.

I understand that it’s just a business to act stupid and sell the episodes because people are tricked into thinking it’s reality like The Hills. I meant more along the lines thatΒ  I didn’t understand the behaviour in general, seeing as it occurs in real life WITHOUT those normal folks making $60,000 an episode.

So please, stop commenting on the show specifically. I hope this clarifies things.

I am not into wild, drunken partying such as drinking to get hammered on the weekends, I can recall doing it perhaps 3 times in my first year of college. (Actually, I don’t really like to drink.. not even wine.)

I don’t understand shows on MTV like Jersey Shore, although a recent episode of “Bones” made me laugh when Bones called them a tribe and tried to imitate their behaviours.

I have never found going to a beach, drinking and hanging out for 2 weeks in my bathing suit even remotely interesting. I’d rather fly to a country and explore it as if I were a native living there.

I made some bad money decisions and I still make some stupid impulse ones, but I can say that I’ve never taken out my money ahead of time with a payday loan cashing center (they’re pirates) or spent my entire paycheque on drinking, partying, drugs, candy and/or entertainment, only to end up broke at the end of the payday.

I sleep at around 9:00 p.m. and wake up without an alarm clock at 5:00 a.m. everyday. Sleeping in, doesn’t mean sleeping in until noon or 1 p.m. for me, it means I am sleeping until maybe 8 a.m. at the latest.

I feel like I don’t know what to talk about sometimes.

I can’t relate, and while I have a few very good friends who do all of the above but can still connect on a very deep level with me, it’s an interesting observation to make about oneself.

I feel awkward around some people my age, which is enough.

I guess I’ve always felt older. Like in my 30s. Maybe having slightly irresponsible hippie-like parents have made me grow up faster than I normally would’ve.

Can’t get enough? Read another female Canadian blogger I ADOREKrystal’s take on the whole thing @ Krystal at Work, Budgets are Bold and Sassy,Β and Little Miss Moneybags chimed in about the opposite effect — adults not feeling like they’ve grown up and that people will catch them pretending to be an adult. I have the opposite feeling — I feel like I am acting older than what society says I should be acting as.

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