Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Gifts under $100

By popular demand, I am making a gift guide for guys. Not being a guy and dating a guy who isn’t really into STUFF makes it sort of difficult.

That being said, I ended up finding a lot of interesting things I’d want, as a geek at heart.

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Men’s Eco Denim Laptop Messenger – $83.20
What guy wouldn’t need a bag?

This looks very handsome and practical. Not all leather, and not all denim. I prefer the Coffee-coloured version, but there’s a blue denim option as well.

GQ Men’s Magazine – $12 USD or $20 CAD
A year’s worth subscription to GQ. (If he’s a minimalist, forget it. :P) He won’t want the extra clutter. Otherwise, a subscription to this magazine is what I find a lot of guys read and want.

Another great magazine would be WIRED magazine. It’s great for a geek (girl or guy!)

Marshall Headphones – $99
If you’re on a budget, these squeak just under the $100 budget. If you can go halfsies with someone else for him, consider buying a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Headphones. At $300 a pair, it is not cheap but they are THE BEST headphones I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Regardless, headphones that cancel out noise are amazing for travelers and people who just want a little peace and quiet to totally immerse themselves into music.

Levi’s Standard CPO Jacket – $98
A military jacket is a timeless classic. Say what you want, but it looks incredible on men, giving a little authority and flair without being too on-trend to be worn year around. It’s also a more casual alternative to a blazer, and can be thrown over anything before heading out the door.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – $20-ish — Comes in Extra-Fine Nib, Fine Nib or Medium Nibs!
Please thank Frugal Scholar for this idea. I saw the pen a while back and was sold. It looks great, comes in a range of colours and knocks that chewed up pen he carries around, up a notch or two.

Tide to Go – $9
Boys get dirty too. Men overwhelmingly ask me for my Tide to Go pen at work (never mind the fact that I work 95% of the time only with guys).

Kiehl’s Unusually Rich-But-Not-Greasy-At-All-Hand Cream with SPF 10 – $16
Know what else boys get too? Dry hands. This cream will be moisturizing, not greasy and unscented enough for any male sensibility. Also has a little SPF 10 in there to keep his hands looking younger.

Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist – $12.92

I own this book and I absolutely loved it. It’s a great biography for both men and women, about one of the best-known down-to-earth frugal heroes of our time.

Hugo by Hugo Boss, Eau De Toilette Spray 5 Ounces – $44.84

I personally enjoy the smell of this cologne, if a guy were to wear any cologne at all. It’s spicy, sharp, and just such as nice smell. Naturally, cologne will smell differently on each man, but this one seems like a good safe bet. Buy a little bottle of it if you aren’t sure.

Swatch Black Rebel Watch – $50

Simple and elegant. This is for the guy who actually uses a watch instead of using his cellphone if he even has one (BF doesn’t.) Could be a unisex present as well.

Apple TV – $99

Streaming TV to your computer or your TV? Sold. You can buy shows, use Netflix.

Super Warm Grey Scarf by iWunder – $50

Warm, cosy and a welcome addition to any guy’s wardrobe. It’s practical and chic.

ThinkGeek Silver USB Cufflinks – $99

2 gigabyte USB flashdrive cufflinks that are Mac OS and PC compatible. How COOL do these look on a cuff!?

Godiva Truffles – $25

For the sweet tooth! I’ve personally vetted these truffles and they are AMAZING. It’s a great gift for anyone who likes a bit of high-end sugar.

Leather Excursion Travel Case – $99.99

Beautiful and just so darn NEAT. Everything is neatly organized, packed, zipped, compartmentalized and easily accessible for any traveler. You can also hang it up on a hook.

Car Trunk Organizer and Cooler – $49.95

You could always just use a box to put everything in so it doesn’t slide around in the back seat, but this is so much more organized. Heck, I want one!

Deluxe Valet – $99.95

A charging station, a place to put your keys, wallet, phone, coins and anything else you might need.

“Keep Going” Paperweight – $35

“If you are going through hell, keep going” paperweight. Wise words by Winston Churchill.

Power Squid – $20 – $80

These things are AWESOME. I hate how cable strips are all of these outlets packed so closely together, so when you get an unusually large plug, it takes up two spots rather than just one.

Gnome-Be-Gone Decision Maker Pencil Holder – $90

I know it’s pricey for just a pencil holder.. but what a piece of art! I love the gnomes, I love the style and it’s great just as a decoration on a desk.

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