Godiva Chocolates, Shawarma Cravings and Other Observations


Okay so my drycleaner around the corner (never used them before), seems to not be able to find my winter coat that I dropped off for pre-winter cleaning.

Wassup with that?

I feel like I’m having a Seinfeld moment, and this woman is wearing my nice white winter coat all around down, all the while telling me that “it’s not back yet”.

Hmmm 🙂


Not trying to call out BlueHost or anything, but blaming everything on WP-Cron.PHP (a scheduling PHP script that made me miss my scheduled posts lately), is a cop out.

It is probably a WP-Plugin that is screwing up your whole business.

I had one stupid one installed that wouldn’t backup properly, and it choked/throttled my server, which made my blog go wonky on Friday.


Don’t argue with me on this one.

I am conceding slightly on leggings being pants because I can’t fight the wave of girls in jeggings, treggings and all forms of leggings… but mostly it’s because at least with leggings, I can’t see through them right to your junk.

If you are going to wear tights as pants, at least wear underwear underneath.

And a long, long longggg t-shirt.


At least in person. I don’t know what it is, but going into the stores and actively browsing (just window shopping, not buying!), makes me uninspired to buy anything.

Clothes in those mainstream stores are boring now.

They’re always in neutrals, or they charge $50 because they added some throwaway rosette on the front.

Seriously? Step up your game or I am going to breeze right through 2010 without getting an urge to buy any clothing.


This is my little secret, but when BF isn’t around, I am a total slob because he isn’t here to give me that organization side eye when I start nesting all over the place.

During the week, I have my stuff ALL OVER the floor.

I just like to spread everything out and not pack anything away.

On his side however, it’s always pristine. Neatly stacked in 90 degree angles, rows of 10. I swear, he must be Mr. Monk’s cousin or something.

Slob = Me

I hope he doesn’t read this.


Had a chocolate craving, but cheap chocolate was not doing it for me.

(Yes, I tried. I went through 3 bars before I realized I was craving GOOD chocolate).

I was originally going to buy this $18.50 CAD* box of 6 containing one of each of Godiva’s new Bakery Dessert truffles:

*Yeah screw your super low American prices at $15 USD for the same box. Up in Canada, we consumers like to pay a 23% currency exchange rate because we’re sadists. Never mind our stupid dollar being on par and nowhere CLOSE to justifying that 23% hike.

  • Chocolate Lava Cake with a spectacular molten fondant center
  • Spicy Carrot Cake “frosted” in milk chocolate and rolled in chopped pecans
  • Southern-style Red Velvet Cake in white chocolate with a heart of sweet chocolate ganache
  • All American Cheesecake ganache in milk chocolate, topped with crust-like crumbs
  • White chocolate Tiramisu, an ethereal blend of mascarpone and espresso ganache
  • Strawberry Tarte swirling sweet berries and tart rhubarb through vanilla mousse, enrobed in milk chocolate

But then I thought: Wait. I don’t really like Tiramisu, nor do I want to try that Chocolate Lava Cake, plus I wanted to try some of the other truffles.

So I decided to make my own box with 8 truffles:

I couldn’t tell the difference between which one was carrot cake and which one was the random one I chose, but quite frankly they were ALL good, so I wouldn’t care if I mixed up all 3.

It actually came out to around the same price, $19.44, which confirmed my suspicions that I was just paying for the cute dessert truffle packaging.

Calculations between buying the box & making your own box:

  • Box: $18.50 / 6 = $3.08 per truffle
  • Pick-Your-Own: $19.44 / 8 = $2.43 per truffle
  • Which equals a $0.65 savings per truffle!!
  • The packaging of the box actually costs you a full $3.92. Bah. Packaging.

Damn these things are pricey!

Moving on.. here are my pictures & reviews!


I have a craving for good shawarma and some hummus with pita bread. I’m making the hummus and pita bread next week for dinner, but the shawarma?

Can’t fix it. Need to scratch that itch soon.

Or maybe I should just eat some pickles dipped in garlic mayonnaise wrapped in a pita with some chicken.

Yeah. Maybe that will do it. (Not.)


I’ve always believed this one. It’s why I never have a problem with moving so much.

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