What I am NOT buying (for now) :)

Instead of a post on what I want to buy within the next little while, this is what I’m NOT buying.

They are legitimate things I want, but am delaying for various reasons.. some out of my control.

1. Roland RD-700 GX 88 Key Stage Piano

This has been on my list for.. goodness knows how long.

Ivory-like feel to the keys (yes, YES!!), and a baby grand piano-like sound in a (fairly) portable musical unit. Once I do make the plunge, I plan to search for an instructor to help fine tune my skill.

I’ve been putting it off for 2 main reasons:

1. Cost

This, along with the accessories is easily $3000 (taxes included). I’d need the piano, the rolling case for it and a chair (maybe I can sit on some milk crates)

2. Portability

An electric piano is considerably lighter than a baby grand, but it is not easy to carry.

We are planning on leaving the country, so traveling with this and possibly getting it damaged is not my idea of awesome.

I’ll probably end up buying one when we’ve move.

In the meantime, I’m listening to its performance on YouTube videos, and drooling onto my pillow at night, mumbling.. “Roland, baby.. piano.. play… sweet ..sound..”

When I go back to my parents’ place, I attack our (still beautiful-sounding) piano in an attempt to get in my piano music fix before we leave again.


Still lemming after this set. The colours are PERFECT for me. Neutral but with some variety if I need it.

I visited my local Sephora and they told me there is a WAITING LIST. People actually LINE UP to buy this palette, and they can’t keep it on the shelves when new shipments come in.

It is the same story everywhere in the world.

I’ve always thought all the other makeup companies were just as stupid for NOT putting out something like this.

Just think of all the money Urban Decay is making right now. *salivates*

I had this idea YEARS ago, already!

Girls like me, don’t want to (read: don’t have the guts to) wear bright green, purple, pink and anything but neutral/nude colours on their eyelids everyday. We also didn’t want to shell out tons of money to buy eyeshadows in little pots that we keep dropping and is not in a neat, sleek, gorgeous, velvety box (see above).

So when Urban Decay finally releases what every other non-makeup-obsessed girl wants, people are surprised it’s flying off the shelves like gangbusters?


Oh well. I’ll wait a year if I have to.

But FB, what about “Clothing, Shoes and Purses”?!?!

I know I’m on a ban for this for 2010, but upon farther reflection I’ve reached a nirvanic, Buddhist zen moment: I really have a lot of clothes. Like, a LOT.

I promised lots of you that once I got back and consolidated my wardrobe together, I’d take pictures of what I own in my closet, an inventory of sorts, and you’re all going to have heart attacks on the other side of the screen, trust me, so prep yourself now by getting your cardio workouts in!

Somehow, saying this to myself in the past has made me pooh-pooh that statement away by saying: “But you can never have too many!“, but this time… I think I’m good.

I’m not saying I’ll never buy another piece of clothing again, but the pull has been a lot weaker since I’ve put this ban on myself and have had time to reflect.

So unless my winter coat rips and dies some horrible, woolly death, I don’t really need anything.

I’m sort of happy wearing the same thing every week, and playing it up on the weekends.

I have enough of everything else: boots, shoes, purses… although I’ve never really been a huge shoe or purse aficionado.

Necklaces and accessories on the other hand, are not to be banned in 2011. I feel like in that arena, you can really never have too much. Plus they’re portable, they tend to be cheaper and they make a simple t-shirt and jeans look different with a switch up.

I think the addiction is slowly waning, because every time I ooh and aah over a piece of clothing, I think: Meh, but it costs X amount of money, and I already have something similar.

That pretty much does it

That is my Want-But-Am-Not-Buying List. 2 things.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything I want right now. Want badly enough to pay for, that is.

(I could always put something ridiculous on there, but this is a realistic list. Not a dream list.)

Pathetic or Impressive? I opt for the former. πŸ˜›

What’s on your Want-But-Am-Not-Buying List?

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