Money, Money, Money!


I am in an unusually good mood this weekend. I think it might be the fresh slices of ginger + honey in hot water I’ve been drinking as of late.


  • Did my taxes for my business —— paid less than I expected (although half was prepaid)
  • Have to spend my $125 cellphone credit —- thanks to Koodo’s Tab Program (Canada only)
  • Spend a little at Sephora with my 10% off coupon for attaining the dubious honour of having spent $350 at Sephora in the past year.

Work has been going better — I was under a lot of stress for the past 3 weeks due to some office conflict with another colleague (long story short, he ate crow).

My blogging is scheduled until at least August 2011, which makes me feel relaxed and all warm and fuzzy inside.

Life is back on track and I’m getting excited about planning our upcoming trip to Asia for 5-6 weeks.

Posts to come on that (what I’m packing, what it’s costing, where I’m going).

Speaking of spending, debt and money…………


What an interesting breakdown of spending by the Department of Labour.

Via How the Average U.S. Consumer Spends their Paycheck (Substance over Stuff)

Click on the image to make it larger

Average age: 48.8

# of persons: 2.5

Earnings as a household unit: $63,091 income before taxes (1.3 people working)

Expenses: $49,638 per year

Total left: $13,453 which is disposable income and taxes on the $63,091.

I always believe that where you spend most of your money, is where your top priorities lie:

  1. Housing: 34.1% (Homeowners make up 67%)
  2. Transportation: 17.6%
  3. Food: 12.4%
  4. Insurance/Pensions: 10.8%
  5. Healthcare: 5.7%


Not only is Brad (blogger of Enemy of Debt) an alumni of the Debt Free Club, he has started a great series of interviews from the perspectives of many different people (bloggers included) who are currently debt-free.

I recommend reading:

I’m critical of my own answers, only because it seemed like I don’t have any real financial goals for my money any longer, and to some extent, that’s true.

I don’t have kids yet, I’m about to move to another country (soon!) and I have more than funded the minimum for my Savings, Emergency Funds and Retirement Funds, so now I just need to keep saving and set goals as I see them.

My money management was more exciting and exhilarating when I was in debt, but it was stressful and not at all as pleasurable as it is today being debt-free and well into the black.

Big thanks to Brad for allowing my story to be published on his blog. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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