MYTH DEBUNKED: Tea does not have more caffeine than coffee

For once and for all, I want to debunk the myth that tea contains more caffeine than in coffee.

It is a half truth and my body confirms that, because when I tried caffeine pills and I tried coffee, both instances made me throw up & feel extremely nauseous and sleepy.

Here’s the half truth:

Unmade tea leaves contain more caffeine than unmade coffee.

Here’s the other part everyone neglects to remember:

A lot of the caffeine STAYS in the tea leaves you toss out

Tea is considerably more diluted than coffee.

Coffee beans release all of their caffeine into your cup.

Just look at the colour! Tea is practically clear when you compare it against the sheer thickness and darkness of a cup of freshly brewed black cup of coffee.

If you want a stronger caffeine kick in your tea, put in more tea leaves.

Want more proof?

Check out this list, and click on it to be brought to a Google Search with numerous examples of the caffeine content in beverages.

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