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15 Food Myths (CBS)

This probably has to be my favourite myth, because I love carbs. Fresh bread, fresh rice, pasta… bring it on!

Myth: To Lose Weight, You Must Avoid Carbs

Bread, pasta, beans, and other high-carbohydrate foods are lower in calories than fatty foods, like cheese or French fries. That’s one reason why people whose eat carbohydrate-based diets – people living in rural Asia and vegetarians, for example – tend to be thinner than people whose diets are based on fatty foods.

Here are the numbers: one gram of carbohydrate (that is, starch) has four calories, while a gram of chicken fat, olive oil, or fryer grease – any kind of fat – has nine.

Worker at taxpayer-funded agency in Virginia plays hooky for 12 years (CNN)

Did I mention she pulled in close to half a million not including full benefits as well?

12 years x $350,000 (average) = $4.2 million

without benefits….!!!!!!

UPDATE: Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader (I guess I was reading into it too pessimistically), it is actually $300, 000 – $480,000 for the total of 12 years, not per year as I had originally thought.

Thanks for clarifying!

Still. Close to half a million is a lot of dough to pay for someone who never showed.

A worker was paid for 12 years without ever showing up for work at a Norfolk, Virginia, agency funded by federal, state and local money, officials say.


CNN affiliate WAVY said that the employee, a woman whose name was not released, “earned” somewhere between $300,000 and $480,000, not including full benefits, from the board over the past dozen years.

Woman tracks down man who broke into her car (Boing Boing)

Using Facebook and some sleuthing, she tracked him down like the dog he was!

It’s a pretty amazing story.


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