How times have changed!

If any of you are fans of “Mad Men” this won’t be quite as shocking to you, the way women were openly treated as second class citizens.

The letter basically tells Miss Mary V. Ford that only young men are allowed to join their training academy to do creative work at the Inking and Printing department.

In addition, the only jobs open to young women are tracing characters and inking them in as told. She would have to bring in samples of her tracing and inking work, but she shouldn’t get her hopes up because lots of girls apply to such few positions.

Many thanks to Single Mom, Rich Mom for sending me that link.

How times have changed!

We aren’t there yet, but we’re far better off in my opinion and I am VERY happy and lucky to be a woman living in this day and age.

Being a young woman in a male-dominated industry, you can come across a lot of discrimination against your age and gender, but nothing quite like that… at least, not to your face.

I think my generation and the younger generation growing up are becoming more sensitive and aware of gender discrimination.

It’s still prevalent of course  but I daresay we’re at the start of a new era for the changing attitudes of working women and men.

I was thinking the other day that if we could change our behaviour as a society, it would have a structural impact without being dramatic.

For example, why do women only play women and men only play men in sports? In tennis, I daresay Serena Williams could give them a run for their money.

We seem to segregate everything in society by HIS and HERS, and acceptable domains of where they should be. Perhaps if we mixed these domains, we’d change our way of thinking.

Mad Men is the one show I love and hate

Did anyone watch the latest episode “Summer Man” where Peggy fires Joey for drawing a VERY inappropriate picture of Joan kneeling and proudly tells Joan, only to get verbally burned by her?

I’ve still yet to process it, but around the web people were saying that in the past, there was one kind of power: using sexuality to get what you want which is the core of Joan’s influence in the office and on men in general.

By firing Joey, Peggy was threatening that power by acting like a real manager — a new upcoming power that doesn’t use a woman’s sexuality but her actual managerial power instead — which directly usurps Joan’s influence because it makes her just a common secretary who can’t fire anyone the way Peggy can.

Don Draper is actually quite progressive in that respect. He was the one who told Peggy not to come running to him to tell on Joey, but to handle it herself.

What do you think? I’m still mulling it over.

In the mean time, read this 1970s children’s book for a little more fuel, also sent by Single Mom, Rich Mom.


Speaking of TV…. watch Nikita if you can. It’s on Season 1, Episode 2, but I am LOVING IT!

The star of the show is Maggie Q, who is not only beautiful but a very good actress who (in my opinion) gives Angelina Jolie a run for her money.

The basic idea is that she’s was an assassin for a government division called “Division”, and she “got out of it”, but is now being hunted down, so she decides to retaliate by hunting them down, one by one.

Very Dollhouse, but without the creepy, brainless sextoy zombies.

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