Fascinations from around the Web

Well it sounds more interesting that “cool things I found interesting from the web” right? 🙂

Baby Squirrel Nursed by a Momma Cat

Via Squandrous.

Sexy Fairytales

An adult version of our favourites:


Red Riding Hood

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Via Fresh Pics

Penguin Costume

Okay this is just adorable.

Via We Heart It

Beautiful Staircase

If I had a house and a staircase, I’d do this to my staircase.

Adding just another level of beauty to an otherwise drab part of the home makes me excited!

Via Design Milk

Incredible Libraries

The most beautiful libraries around the world, my favourite being Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library – New Haven, Connecticut.

15 Incredible Libraries around the world

Via 15 Incredible Libraries around the world

Amazing Gravity Defying Photographs

She’s such a cutie.

Via Gravity Defying Photographs

World Traveler Scratch Map

I want this. This would be something I’d buy and put up as decoration, or something. Never mind that I haven’t REALLY traveled as much as I would have liked, but what fun!

Via I want one of those too for $14.99

Fashion Shots

Somehow, I want this entire outfit but I know it wouldn’t work on me. She looks comfortable, effortless and so impossibly tall. 😛

I hate fussiness in clothing, but I also don’t want anything too plain or simple.

All from Stockholm Street Style.

And this style is a bit of a rock and roll in a very unexpected way, in the sense that it isn’t paired in a super short skirt with leggings and ankle boots or something.

It’s also sexy but demure.

I love the bag too.

This is another one I like.

I’m not really a fan of the super short skirt shots (wow, quite a sentence), so I tend to gravitate towards outfits I can see myself wanting to wear.

And this one is SO COSY. I want to snuggle into a sweater like that.

Can’t wait for Autumn 😀

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