August 2010 Budget Round Up +$11,267.91

It has been a pretty crazy month for me, from arriving back from Europe and trying to get settled into my new hotel digs.

INCOME: $15,300

  • All gross, not net and I still have to pay taxes on it (about 20%) so it’s really $12,240
  • Then you have to factor in how much I am paying for business expenses as well

Update: This is for 3 weeks of work, I was on vacation for one.

EXPENSES: $4878.58 *cries*

  • Business: $3940.60

  • Personal: $937.98

Update: I should redo these numbers but I won’t.

I actually double-counted my rent and my hotel, and my very basic expenses (hotel, food, parking, gas, food) should really be around $2000 a month, but I am pre-paying for September as well as paying for August, which doubles my expenses.


  • Hotel is for all of August up until almost the end of September (YES!!)
  • Had to switch hotels halfway through the month, that helped me save a lot of money in the end
  • Have to think of the big picture: it’s cheaper than paying for a 12-month lease for something similar


  • I have to calculate part of my “personal” living as my rent for my taxes
  • Spent a little on self grooming this month
  • Very difficult to calculate groceries in this case, as it’s included in my business expenses

NET WORTH: $112,230.05

15% increase or by $11,267.91

  • Cash: $30.35
  • Savings: $5076.96
  • Emergency Fund: $25,649.15
  • Retirement: $36,041.72
  • Business: $45,431.87
  • Emergency Fund: $25,649

Note: Still have taxes left to pay, so my net worth will drop next month.

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