Appearances do count for something, but not for everything

When I dress in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I am treated differently than if I have makeup on and decent clothing.

I find that if I dress up more, people are more likely to…

  • hold the doors open for me (I do not take offense to that, it’s a just a kind gesture)
  • be polite
  • smile and smile back
  • give you a seat if you look like you have a lot of stuff

It’s just interesting that we preach that judging based on appearances is considered shallow or only something an uneducated person would do.

Not so.

I consider myself educated, and I judge based on appearances.

I do!

And you do too to some extent, I’m sure.

Judging doesn’t always mean that it is a bad thing or I will feel negative about someone every time I judge.

It’s just an action to me, but many people take it with a negative connotation like: “She’s judging me again”.

The thing that I think we have to be careful to say is:

I judge based on appearances, but it is not everything I look for in a person to determine who they are.

I also judge their personality, whether they’d open a door for someone, give up their seat to an elderly, disabled or pregnant person, how they treat a cashier and so on.

I read somewhere that within 5-10 minutes, people judge rapidly if they will like a person, trust them or feel what is called “chemistry”; both with men and women.

So as enlightened as we’re trying to become, by ignoring appearances,we all judge in one way or another.

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