When a non-English speaker challenges your language :P

This is one of our classic Me & BF moments that always makes me laugh when IĀ  look at a cake:

BF: I’m going to go cake now.

Me: You can’t use “cake” as a verb.

BF: Why not?

Me: Because you BAKE a cake. To bake is the verb.

BF: But my English books say that “to cake on” is also a verb of sorts.

Me: Yeah, well you can cake on the icing if you are baking a cake.

BF: Then I’m getting my cake on. Your language is so confusing.

Okay I have another one on my list.

How about “to tract”? Do you have that? It means to drive a tractor, like “I’m tracting”.

Me: WTF? No! šŸ™‚ Go get your cake on, I’ll talk to you later.

BF: Okay. Bye.

Never fails to make me laugh. šŸ™‚

To be fair, I also don’t understand why when we say “I miss you” in French, it’s really “You will miss me” (Tu va me manque).

I heard that in Coco before Chanel and demanded BF explain to me that twisted logic.

I still don’t get it, but I’ve memorized it.

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