Sex and Money

No no, I don’t mean prostitution or strip clubs.

Not this time anyway.

I just bought another pack of birth control pills (Yasmin if you are interested), and I paid $56.99 3 packs, which is 9 weeks of pills, not 12 weeks.

I take the pills continuously so that I never have to worry about a period again.

So I did a little math.

$56.99 is the cost for 9 weeks of pills (normally 3 months but there are 3 weeks missing because they assume a period a month).

There are 52 weeks in a year, and with 52 weeks divided by 9 weeks is a factor of 5.78.

5.78 times $56.99 = $329.40

And that’s the cost, $329.40 for pills a year.

And that’s without a company health plan.

I have heard that in the States, that pills can cost $50/month which is $600/year!

Maybe more.

Who ends up paying for that? The woman? The man? Split?

For me, $329.40 a year is a relatively small amount, and kind of the total that BF spends on gas and parking, so I just pay for it, and BF pays for gas and parking.

Works out relatively well since this is small peanuts quibbling if I were to ask for the money. He’d start keeping track of parking expenses and gas, and charge me half of that… it’d be too much to handle in the end.

We just split the major things: Rent, Utilities, Food.

But what happens when it is other items such as condoms?

Who pays for that? Man? Woman? Half?

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