Paris Update #2: Having a somewhat better time

So for an update on the bug bites, they have stopped itching like chickenpox for the most part, although some flare up from time to time on my knuckles, but I still have the nasty red spots ALL over my face and arms.

I’m sticking to wearing a Tilley hat and long sleeved clothing (*sighs at all of her lovely summer clothing that shall remain unpacked*) and not taking any chances.

What a horrid start to what was supposed to be a good trip. I told BF it was an omen.

I left Paris!

..and went to Lyon for 2 days.

I adore Lyon, France much more than Paris.

For one thing, they have the most amazing chocolates from Voisin (pictures to follow in later posts), the people there are less stressed, it’s in the countryside, and we stayed with the NICEST family with the cutest kids.

I of course, practiced my French the whole time. When I wasn’t tired, I was fluent … but as the night wore on, I “lost my French” so to speak 🙂

I also went to the largest mall in Europe.. which felt like the size of the Eaton’s Centre in Toronto, so being a snobby mall-frequenting North American, I wasn’t too impressed. 😉

While I am starting to really dislike Paris on the whole, but there are (of course) many things I do enjoy here. I will start gathering my thoughts for a mini Guide to Paris for any North American who wants to travel there and stay.

I am hoping London, England will be better… but so far for me, Portugal ranks as a better country to live and work in, than France.

Of course, I am talking from the perspective of someone who is a middle-class, working  girl who takes public transit and likes to shop on occasion; if I were a millionaire many times over, ANY city would be amazing.

Hope everyone is staying bite-and-itch free, and having a great time wherever you all are.

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