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Came across this interesting visual on the web, as part of the article: The Fading Glory of the Television and Telephone.

Via but props go out to Musings of an Adbstract Aucklander for leading me to Living Well on Less.

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I think a lot of people get necessity and luxury confused.

Necessity, if you want to be really technical about it, is: basic shelter, clothing, food & water and warmth.

Everything else, is a necessity, even if we don’t think it is.

That being said, here are my answers:

  • Green & Bold = Necessity
  • Red = Unnecessary
  • Blue = On the Fence

Here we go!

  • Home Computer = I suppose I could do without, but I rather enjoy having my own laptop
  • Microwave = I could use the oven instead, but that’s just an inefficient use of energy
  • High-Speed Internet = Goes with the computer. Alternative would be to go to the library
  • Car = Only for now, because I can’t get to the client site otherwise, unless I pay a cab to & fro
  • Cellphone = Could always move to Skype/Google Voice and stick to email instead
  • Landline Phone = I have a cellphone instead
  • Clothes Dryer = Definitely unnecessary for me. I wash everything & then let it dry on its own
  • Air Conditioning = Uncomfortable, but unnecessary for me. I don’t live in Florida 😛
  • Dishwasher = Not necessary, but BF would like one if possible, as he hates doing dishes
  • Cable/Satellite TV = Again, too many channels and choices, not enough content I want to watch
  • TV Set = Have a hotel TV now & I have to THINK to turn it on, and then I get frustrated trying to find a show
  • Flatscreen TV = Same as above, I have it in the hotel, I just don’t use it

Well that wasn’t so bad.

I only consider my computer, high-speed internet and microwave as “necessities”, but even I am sure that I could do without them, by going to internet cafes or using the library.

I could even get rid of the car if I could find clients that had bus stops and subway stops near them!

I know I could always bike to work instead, but it’s quite a trek, and I am not comfortable with in-city biking, because I’ve seen the way cars treat bikes on the road.

If they had dedicated bike lanes, I’d bike for 50% of the year, and take public transport during wintertime (which can typically be 6 months, here).

What do you think? Could you do without?

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