It sure doesn’t pay to be ethical sometimes, but I sleep better at night

Via a tax re-assessment, I was supposed to get back a chunk of money from my taxes, around $1000.

“Woo hoo!”, I thought.

But reading the explanation sort of made my scratch my head, because it didn’t make sense.

I had a feeling they made a mistake without enough or the right information, so I called them to find out how they came to my getting a refund, because the numbers just didn’t add up, and I wanted details.

Turns out, I missed filing one document out of the 50 or so in French & English (hah!)

So I started the processing of redoing all my calculations and re-assessing myself.

As I went through the whole process I realized that I might be owing them money in the end.

At this point, I still had the choice to pretend this never happened and file it properly next year, but I hated the thought of lying.

So here I am, filling out 5 different forms, writing a very “I’m so sorry!” letter to the agency, and asking them to re-assess my credit and to ask them to re-check their numbers in case I owe them money.

Bonkers, right?

When they got the papers, they must have thought I was mad, because who in the world asks them: “Are you SURE I’m supposed to get a tax refund? I think I owe YOU more money because I forgot something.

Crazy, some might say. But ethical, even if they would have never found the mistake in a million, billion years.

And now I can sleep at night without having to worry about this, because the bottom line is that it is not worth the cash to compromise yourself.

I can always make more money, but I can’t take back unethical decisions.

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