Great comments from the post about ‘Finding your Dream Job’

Jeff from Bluenoser’s Soap Box said:

Money money money, I know so many people who are pissed all the time but say that they couldn’t change because the money is so good. When I have moved in the past, the money was one of the lower factors, however I didn’t move up in pay scale each time.

If you are going to hate the job, people or place, no amount of money is going to make that better in your everyday life.

My response:

Then I’d challenge them to cut back on expenses.

If money is such a big deal, then perhaps you’re spending too much and you’d be much happier with that $5000 pay cut, doing something you love.

Of course, there are limits to what I am proposing, but life is really too short to be stuck doing what you hate.

Mia said:

1. Be realistic about the “grunt” work you’ll have to do to *get* to your dream position. You’re going to have to put in your time as an Editorial Assistant and do a lot of fact-checking, running errands, etc. before becoming an Editor, and you’re going to have to be willing to do these seemingly mundane, tedious tasks with a good attitude if you want to get to an Editor position.

2. Though every industry has its good and bad companies, certain industries are going to lead to certain corporate cultures. Hate being around Alpha Males? Sure, there are exceptions, but in general, even if you like the actual work, you’re going to have a hard time finding a corporate culture that makes you happy in investment banking.

3. I hate to be a downer, and this seems against the whole idea of chasing your dream, but…Be *Somewhat* Realistic. Take risks and chase dreams, but don’t be shocked if you just can’t be a professional basketball player.

I’d like to also add:

Be Flexible.

If you are set on being a movie producer but just can’t make it, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Just saying that you should know when to swallow your pride, give up your dream and take a job that will pay the bills and make you an independent adult.

You can always try for something else, another dream.

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