A Vegan Breakfast with my new Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender

Earl Grey Cream Tea

It’s flowery with a creamy sort of undertone. I still like to add 2 packets of sugar and extra creaminess.

Pita bread

Recipe here.

Pureed zucchini & chickpea hummus

  • Cooked chickpeas — very important, because the zucchini on its own is too watery
  • Zucchini (raw & chopped)
  • Diced raw garlic
  • Salt to taste
  • Sesame Oil to taste (add for taste & slight creaminess, but not more than 5 tablespoons)
  • Lemon juice to taste

That’s it. Puree it, and eat it. I find it delicious, delicate and tasty, warm or cold, I love it on top of pita bread.

Why I don’t like a lot of oil or fats

I don’t put in a lot of olive oil or sesame oil, nor do I put in tahini (which is crushed, roasted sesame seed paste).

The reason being is that I’ve noticed a distinct correlation between high amounts of oil/fat/butter and my face breaking out like crazy into deep acne cysts.

It’s just my own body reacting to how much oil I eat in my foods, and does not mean that oil will make you break out — but it makes me break out, so I’m avoiding high amounts of it, which includes putting it into hummus.

Eggs also make me itchy, I think…

I also noticed (after my little oak leaf mite experience in Europe), that eggs make me itchier.

I don’t know why that is, but eating egg pasta and eating eggs made my whole body itchy and crazy unbearable, even though the itching had stopped long before, and the mites have been left across the pond.

Then I stopped eating egg pasta and eggs, and either it’s all in my head and it was just a placebo, but my skin stopped itching, and I am going to lay off the eggs until I heal up.

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