A Typical Conversation with my Mom

Mom: I don’t understand what Justin Bieber is supposed to be.

FB: Me neither, Mom.

My mom also can’t understand computers or any technical subjects like math, for instance, and whenever she has anything to do online or to calculate, she ropes in one of her more technologically-inclined children.

I told her she should look at an iPad, and she told me she didn’t understand what an iPad was, and asked if it was a new form of a computer.

I told her it was pretty much like an easy-to-use computer that you use with your hands, touching the screen.

Her only reply?

“But what would I ever want to do on there?

I only like to work, cook, eat or watch The Bachelor.”

Well said, Mom!

She also told me the first time she ever saw a computer was in the 1970s and all she was told was that it was for “word processing”, which made her even more confused, because how could you process words?

Now that she has a laptop (donated by yours truly & BF),  she says it drives her mad to use it because she has to click here, click there and then suddenly everything is gone and she doesn’t know why.

She also says she has a brain of a monkey; she doesn’t like to read and cannot understand films, because she’s lost after 10 minutes and has to start all over again.

She said the only thing she can read other than children’s books is Reader’s Digest, so I am buying her a year’s subscription to it as a gift.

If she really keeps up on reading it, and likes it.. I’ll continue paying for it as a lifelong gift, along with a pair of reading glasses when I pop back to see them the next time.

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