Yes, I ate the whole box.

All 24 macarons from La Maison du Macaron for $30 CAD (tax included)

And well worth it, I might add.

I offered BF some, but he thinks they’re too sweet.

What’s a girl to do?

I had to eat them all, or they’d go bad 😉

My favourites:

  • Litchi & Tea (OBVIOUSLY. Look at how many I snagged.)
  • Mango with Pepper (Sounds weird, but it’s so tasty)
  • Coconut (Nom.)
  • Vanilla (Double Nom.)

I’m going back this weekend for one last box of 24.

I’m going to get 6 of each of my favourites and go to town.


When you’re there, try and speak French, even if all you can do is point and grunt a French number at what you want.

Why? Because….

  • The first time I went, I spoke in French.
  • The second time, in English.
  • The third time, in French.

I daresay my service was a lot friendlier in French on both occasions.

She might have also been mad that I was reading the signs in French and saying them in English. Er… oops. 😛

Don’t ask me why I didn’t just switch to French. It just never occurred to me…

(Oh well, it cannot be helped, as they ARE from France, after all..)

Oh and did you see what Suzie sent me!?

I won her Pink Giveaway and damn she delivered…!

(With a cute pink bag to boot. I’m using it to store my makeup now)

I also got some Modern Friction Scrub in a sample from her, with those rice things I was telling you about, and I like it.

I do find it a little abrasive, although not as bad as baking soda. I may consider buying it at retail if I can’t snag another sample somewhere (a little goes a long way).

I also got some Dior Lip Balm which is NOT a clear colour, but turns red on your lips (er.. surprise! I looked like I had a baboon’s butt.. okay nevermind).

Got some lip gloss, some pens, eyeshadows, MAC blush (which is surprisingly not as pigmented as I had imagined), some stationery and some lotion & perfume 🙂

Thanks Suzie!!

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