Ranting about smartphones & attention (or lack thereof)

I love technology.

I work with it all the time, I use it constantly and I love owning gadgets (although I am not one of those people who buys things on the bleeding edge).

So it is kind of strange to most people that I don’t own a smartphone, especially if I don’t own an iPhone, given my age.

Honestly, I think it could be very good to replace my GPS and a whole bunch of other functions at once, but I am still not sold on the idea of an all-in-one; they never seem to be absolutely fabulous at any one function, but are mostly mediocre at many.

My cellphone is a simple Krazr that came for free with a deal I had signed up for, and it does its job.

I’ve contemplated getting a smartphone just to see what it’s like but my life is just not that energetic or interesting. Even now, I forget my cellphone and when people call, I am not pouncing on it — I let it go to voicemail.

But what I hate the MOST about people who own smartphones (not all of you, of course), are the addicts who walk around on the street, oblivious to the world while thumbing on their phone frantically.

WTF could you possibly be doing for the time you are walking (15 minutes to get lunch) that you can’t pay attention to the road and the cars, or you can’t talk to the people you are walking with…..

….that you can’t pay attention to where you are walking on the street and you make other people have to try and avoid your half drunken-like walking…

….that you cannot stop touching your phone and checking your emails every 5 seconds; I hate to say it, but you are probably a lot like me — just NOT that important…

….that you HAVE to leave your phone out on the table while you’re eating with friends, and the minute it flashes or buzzes, you have it in your hands a millisecond later.

that you can’t put your freaking phone down to live in the moment.

I have seen people OBSESSED with their phone.

Even in meetings, they’re playing with the case, they’re opening it, closing it, reading emails, checking the time, turning apps on and off, changing colours…

It drives me CRAZY.

It’s rude, and unless it’s a dire emergency, there is no excuse to do that when you are with others (professional or not), and even if you are alone, it’s annoying when you bother others because you are too busy playing Pong to watch who you are walking right into.

For me, I just jot down a quick note to myself, and I go to my laptop later on and go through the list of things I have to get done.

I have no need or desire to do things instantaneously, and as I’ve mentioned before: I am just not that important, to need to be reached 24/7.

Yes, it’s a useful, handy, fun and functional piece of technology, but I hate how it seems to change people.

This is why I’ll probably never get a smartphone — I am just not cut out for that.

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