Pre-Presentation Preparations

Don’t be late

Arrive half an hour before to set up the room, find the projector, bla bla bla.

In fact, I suggest 45 minutes. Murphy’s Law and all that.

Projector/NetMeeting WHATEVER may not work

Therefore, you need a backup.

Either, you have saved paper and emailed a copy to everyone attending, or you have printed out double-sided, 2 slides on each page copies for every 2 attendees so they can follow along.

Nothing is more irritating than not being able to follow along with some sort of visual cue.

Honestly, technology sometimes just doesn’t work, boot up in time, power on, or want to work properly.

Have a backup.

Set the time and mean it

An hour means an hour. No more, and certainly less if possible.

For me, presentations should run at 15 minutes to half an hour, maximum.

Don’t bore people with details

Depending on the complexity, you either need to break it up into many little presentations, or the presentation is just a general overview of the whole situation and therefore can be brief with relevant points.

If people want details, they’ll ask questions. Don’t bore them with minute details.

Each slide you present…

  • should have a point
  • should be in a large font to be able to be seen from the back of the room
  • should not be cluttered
  • …but not be boring with just black and white
  • should have more images than words

If you put a lot of text on a slide, people will focus on reading the content instead of listening.

Don’t give them that distraction.

After the meeting

Send out a summary email or a copy of the presentation if you haven’t already, with 3 – 5 points or key actions highlighted.

Don’t get wordy.

And make sure that your email signature has your name, title, email address and telephone number in case people have questions, or at least tells them WHO they should talk to in case they have questions.

Oh, and know your stuff

Don’t read off the slide word for word. They know what’s on the slide.

I’m not saying you should memorize everything, and you can glance occasionally but if you know your content and the key points inside out, you will ace that presentation.

If you memorized 5 pages word for word, you are going to crash and burn because you’ll get thrown off if you forget something.

Use your slides as mental cues of what to talk about.

They want more details.. NOW

If they want to know more details and you don’t have the answer, tell them you’ll make a note of it (cue making a note), and you’ll email them with the proper answer after the meeting.

If you have to, fend them off with a vague answer and you’ll email them with the proper answer after the meeting or once y’all reach a decision.

Any other tips?

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