Link Love: The Education Edition

I really loved J.K. Rowling’s Harvard Commencement Address.

She is so witty & down to earth :), and she nailed it with “The Fringe Benefits of Failure“.

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement from Harvard Magazine on Vimeo.


Do you have an acrobatic mind?

If you do, you are in the 55% of people who are able to do so, and you able to read this paragraph because your brain sees the first & last letters in their correct position, and the letters in the middle can be in any order.

But it does give me a headache, reading that… :\

Note: I tested this on BF, a fluent English speaker & writer, and he had no idea what it was saying. So I did the experiment in French:

Sleon une édtue de l’Uvinertisé de Cmabrigde, l’odrre des ltteers dnas un mtos n’a pas d’ipmrotncae, la suele coshe ipmrotnate est que la pmeirère et la drenèire soit à la bnnoe pclae. Le rsete peut êrte dnas un dsérorde ttoal et vuos puoevz tujoruos lrie snas porlblème. C’est prace que le creaveu hmauin ne lit pas chuaqe ltetre elle-mmêe, mias le mot cmome un tuot.

And he understood it. But I did, too….if I concentrated really hard.



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