Life before Google

Honestly, it’s amazing how much I use Google on a daily basis without thinking.

“Where is that nearest bank?”

Google it.

“Where can I buy _____?”

Google it.

“What is the population of China?”

Google it.

(P.S. it’s ~1.3 billion)

Whatever would we do without Google? 🙂

If we needed to know where the nearest bank branch was, we’d have to actually have to find the number and call our bank and ask.

The horror!

If we wanted to know where to buy a certain product, we’d have to ask our friends, family, clerks at a store, or call the company themselves.

We’d have to use an actual phone book to look up numbers.

If we needed information on the population of China, or a quick fact, we would have to get up off our butts, go to a library and look for a book on China or with population statistics around the world.

I would have never be able to:

  • find my way around a city using Google Maps (public transportation or otherwise)
  • figured out what a place looked like using Street View to help
  • log all my emails and label them neatly (I’d still be on Hotmail) with Gmail
  • set up a “Google Alert” for keywords
  • watch endless videos on YouTube and share the love with others
  • use Google Reader to see what other people like & favourited

What about you?

How has and does Google improve or changed your life?

(For better or for worse!)

About the Author

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