June 2010 – Budget Roundup +$13,834.19

To all my fellow Canadians: HAPPY CANADA DAY!

I was going to do this yesterday, but I was traveling back for Canada Day… so here it is, hours late.


INCOME: $19,800

  • Gross income for June 2010
  • After taxes, I’m expecting ~$13,000 net

EXPENSES: $2814.98

  • Personal: $958.37
  • Business: $1856.61


  • We’re in a transitory fully furnished apartment, now.. so the rent skyrocketed from $384.50
  • It’s downtown Montreal, so prices tend to be higher where there are more students & a metro station within walking distance
  • Includes TV, telephone, all appliances & even furniture in the price (note: I’m paying 50%)
  • Best Purchase of the Month: I bought an iPod Cassette Adapter for only $2 at a dollar store!! (Best Buy tried to sell me one for $30. Pirates!)


  • Hotels are not cheap!
  • When I say “buying food” in the other city, it’s pre-cooked food to eat with rice or noodles
  • More expensive than just cooking from scratch, but toting food back and forth is no small task
  • Also.. I have to pay for PARKING!? What’s up with that, Client? 😛

NET WORTH: $88,902.05

Increased by $13,834.19 or 17%

ASSETS: $88,902.05

  • Emergency Fund: $20,402.70
  • Savings: $3679.36
  • Cash: $65.07
  • Retirement: $34,890.01 — OUCH! Took a beating, I did.
  • Business: $34,496.49 — includes $19,800 accounts receivable (gross)
  • Car: $1000 $0*

*I am not going to bother counting my car in my net worth any more; she has more than paid off her original $1800 cost.


Not even a penny on my credit card.

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