July 2010 Budget Roundup +$12,000.09

INCOME: $15,600

  • This is from about 2.5 weeks of working.
  • I left halfway through the month, so I lost about 2 weeks of income, but I worked a lot of overtime so I wouldn’t have to catch up when I came back

EXPENSES: $5919.04 *SOB*

  • This is half way between July and August, because I traveled mid-July and came back mid-August
  • Plus I had to work, and we had to say our goodbyes… *arg* MONEY!!!
  • Domestic: $1554.93
  • Europe: $2948.96
  • Business: $1415.15


EUROPE: $2948.96

BUSINESS: $1415.15

I’m a bit sick looking at these final totals…. but I just have to remind myself that half of that was my vacation cost.

The rest was just going over budget on my domestic expenses, and necessary business ones (I have to work!)

August will be much better, although the cost of the hotel will go up to around $3000 a month, because I’ve switched into a long-term stay hotel that has a kitchen for me to cook in, and I’ll be there 7 days a week instead of 4.

NET WORTH: $100,962.14 — Increased $12,000.09 or 15%

  • Cash: $210 *
  • Chequing: $2,134.22
  • Emergency Fund: $12,714.09
  • Credit on Credit Card: $1553.24 (Was refunded for a big amount)
  • Retirement: $36,163.69
  • Business: $48,186.90

*I still have about 60 EUR left and a couple of quid from London. Am going to just keep it I guess.


I now have a $100,000 net worth.

Kind of anti-climatic, actually. I didn’t expect it this month — perhaps the next.

Whee! 🙂

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