How much is the stuff in your purse worth?

Broke by Choice did a fun exercise about how much the stuff in your purse would be worth.

She goes on to say that women carry ~$500 worth of stuff on any given day (!!!)

Let’s see…

  • Bag – $90 (I use my Lululemon one… honestly, it holds everything & has awesome pockets)
  • Wallet – $50 (all leather, has all the compartments I need)
  • Cellphone – $0 (came free with the plan.. and I am already due to “upgrade” for free to a new one if I lost it)
  • Rose Salve Lip Balm – $9 (found it at Urban Outfitters in a tube! LOVE!)
  • Cards – $50 (?? Driver’s license, health card, etc. They cost $$ to replace)
  • Pouch with eating utensils – $10 (chopsticks, handkerchief, fork, knife, spoon)
  • Purse Holder – $15 (holds my purse off the ground very nicely)
  • Pouch with Miscellaneous items – $20 (earplugs, wet wipes, bandaids and so on)
  • Reusable Bags x 2 – $15 (I hate being caught without a bag)
  • Post-Its & Pen – $2
  • Hand lotion – $5
  • Sunglasses – $40
  • Keys – $30 (to make and replace them all)
  • Stamps – $5


But wait!

Just these days while I’m working:

  • GPS – $250 (I carry this around most days, as I travel on contract; otherwise, it stays at home)
  • iPod – $200 (I play it in the car for my 3-hour long commute)
  • 2 x USB keys – $200 (to backup my work while on client site)
  • Calling Card – $5



Huh. 🙂

That was an interesting exercise.

I carry anywhere from $350 – $1000 worth of stuff in my purse on any given day.

I guess it’s the reason why I’m so darn paranoid about my purse all the time.

What about you? What do you carry?

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