Am having the most miserable fecking time

Apparently this is itch mite season, originating from Western Europe.

My FACE, chest, arms and neck are literally covered in little chickenpox-like red pimple-y bumps (it looks REALLY bad and diseased) and I am itching like nobody’s business.

To give you an idea, my whole back arm is covered in no less than 200 oak leaf mite bites.

200!!! Just imagine that — all of them grouped together into onto one little area.

This is 5x as bad as having eczema, and it looks and feels horrible, like I am diseased.

All I can do is wear long-sleeve outdoors, take a hot soapy shower every time I come back in, cover myself in (useless) anti-itching creams and cry myself to sleep.

This is seriously itchy and I am having the worst time ever, I can’t enjoy anything with this itching all over my body.

Apparently the itching will stop in ONE WEEK and it is Day Two. I am ready to rip my skin off.

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