5 Things Making Me Happy Today

In response to Tuesday’s rant, here are my raves.

1. When customer service is golden

The hotel guys here know me so well, they’ve decided to upgrade me to a room with a microwave and mini fridge for every single stay they can, because I’m such a good customer.

Companies? Take note. Customers do notice.

2. When I eat cake while reading an email about how pleased my client is with my work

Mmm. Cake. Always cheers me up. Not only that, my client is SO nice on this contract & told my broker they adored me.

Makes you wonder what the catch is, until you realize — they really ARE that nice.

3. When people are polite

.. everywhere. They wave you into a lane, they don’t try and get all up in yo’ space by tailgating you, and when they smile and tell you to have a great day.

I love it when other people are polite to each other too. I totally notice it & feel the warm & fuzzies.

4. When I get comments

Seriously, I read them.

I am not as gung ho to reply to every single one like some amazing uber-bloggers, but I do try to reply to all the questions or try and add a valid point if I see one.

5. When my mom calls to give me the scoop

She will phone on the pretense of telling me to watch “Dancing with the Stars” or “The Bachelor”, forgetting not only that I don’t like watching either show, but that I don’t own a TV.

Then she goes into her day, gossips about what happened at school & lets me know how the family is doing.


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