5 Things Annoying Me Today

1. People not flushing the toilet

SERIOUSLY, is it that hard to push down on a freaking handle!?

This is especially disgusting when you’ve gone #2.

Push it down once, and put some back into it!! A light tap won’t do anything.

2. Faux Online Customer Service

Companies who boast online customer care services, who basically email you back with an answer that says to call them.

Umm hello? The whole point of ONLINE Customer Care and emailing, is so I don’t have to freaking call you.

Have it or don’t, but make sure you follow through with your promise.

3. People who flash their signal for half a second on the highway, and then cut you off

I didn’t even have a chance to see you signal, and who’s to say I wasn’t about to accelerate?

Give me a bit more notice and I’ll pull back!

4. People who cut in line.. anywhere.

I hate the people who speed up on the other lane, only to cut in at the end of the ramp just to beat the rest of us polite folk who are slowly lining up to turn left or right.

You are not smart.

You’re a rude, inconsiderate fils de pute.

I also don’t like people who cut in line just because they know a friend of a friend of a friend who is closer to the front.

Unless you were there beforehand, GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE!!!

5.  People who use half a tree in paper towels just to dry their plates or utensils

I see this ALL the time, so much so, it’s making me cringe.

I don’t want to (and feel awkward) saying anything because I am Canadian, and am not their colleague, or even acquaintance.

But is it so painful to let them air dry?!

Our society is so full of germaphobes, I’m wondering how we’re going to survive if we keep cleaning everything in sight.

Coming up: 5 Things Making Me Happy (it isn’t all doom and gloom)

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