Why do we want tall, strong mates? (a.k.a. FB update)

I miss being on Twitter, loafing around & generally being up to no good.

I miss updating on the blog ad hoc, but with my own self-imposed internet restriction and general paranoia, I dare not log into my blogs, tweet, or even read my blog emails.

That being said, when I come home from work, I am mentally exhausted, and thankful for all of the scheduled posts that are going up in the meantime.

Hope things are going well for everyone!


Just had this conversation with BF the other day, and it made me laugh until my stomach hurt.

Me: *reading email* Friend broke up with her current BF. Said he was too short for her.

BF: How tall were they?

Me: He was 5’9″ and she’s 4’2″. She wanted someone 6′ or taller. Preferably 6’5″, I think.

BF: OK that’s just silly.

Why do we want tall mates? I don’t get this. It’s like a rule for you women — “must mate with someone super tall”.

In fact, I think the rule is you should all get a crooked neck because you have to look up at your super tall mate.

I mean, look at your friend. She’s what, 4′ nothing, and she has it on her “list” to find someone at LEAST 6′ tall. Why?

What’s the point? At least go for something like personality.

Note: BF is 6′. So he is simply waxing poetic sympathy for all the short men out there.

Me: For one reason, I for one like to wear some sort of heel. So if someone is not at least my height plus 2 inches, I’d feel awkward “towering” over him.

More importantly, I think it’s biological. You know, a throwback from when they had to chase away the dinosaur from you and the kids, or spear it for food.

You wanted a noticeably tall guy who could distract a dinosaur and lead it away, while you grabbed the kids and ran the opposite direction.

Or to spear the dinosaur for food.

BF: Wait wait, for modern times, let’s say a chicken. Dinosaurs are gone now and chickens have ancestral roots in dinosaurs.

Me: Fine, a chicken.

So imagine this poor guy has to either psych out this chicken, or chase and spear it to feed their family.

All other things equal, you want a tall guy, because they run faster & take longer strides.

BF: The change today of course, would be if he was rich.

Because money can spear a chicken.

You can just pay someone to spear the chicken for you today.

Unless of course, you lived in my home when I was growing up, because my dad was so cheap that he wouldn’t have spent any money on spears in the first place, and would have tried to make us catch them with our hands to save money.

Me: It’s probably why you’re so tall. Biologically, you had to take into account for how cheap your father was.


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