Update on the life of FB…

In case anyone cares that is. 🙂


I’m starting at a new contract this week, so I won’t be around on Twitter or Facebook as often as before.

Yes, I have a solid internet connection, but I’m choosing to not go on those sites. They do log everything, I’m sure.. and it’s the reason why I requested a new laptop — so I wouldn’t feel tempted.

The contract will be about 2 months and a confirmed earnings of about $35,000 (gross), or $22,000 net (after expenses & taxes).

But I’m expecting to bring home $10,000/month on the conservative side.

I am sure I am going to be spending some of that net income on things such as:

  • New tires for my car, which is still chugging along quite nicely – $400?
  • A check up on my car – $100 ?
  • A cassette adapter for my iPod (a serious must-have) – $20
  • Dinners out with colleagues —  It’s going to happen sometime – $500 total?

This is also a good amount of time and kind of the perfect time line, because it’ll almost end exactly from when we have to leave for Europe.

If the contract gets extended, it will be another $50,000 net by the end of December, but I’m not holding my breath like I did on the last one.


…and this news came right after my most recent posts on where I’m going and what I’m doing!? Bummer right?

It all hinges on whether or not I get another follow-up contract that may go until the end of the year (a 50% possibility).

At first, I felt a bit down at possibly having to cut my lovely European vacation short, but BF told me not to worry, because we’ll just go back when we both have a few months to burn, which will be right after our contracts finish 🙂

Perhaps in January.

So the plan is to wait a few weeks to see how things go, and then we’ll buy a set-in-stone ticket, or an open return ticket.

Either way, the outcome is fabulous from my perspective

I come back to work until the end of the year, make some money & then spend 2 months in Paris later on…. or I simply get to spend 2 glorious months in Paris this summer.



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