Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I’m staying on!

Today, I just received pretty affirmative confirmation that they want to keep me and extend the contract.

Me!! 🙂

(Of course, I am waiting for something in writing before getting all giddy, but I couldn’t help myself.)

I think the plan was to go until the end of the year, because there’s always testing and post-project support, so I don’t know the dates, but I think it’s until the end of December.

I ADORE this project, and my core team is fabulous.

I’m thrilled to be working with them.

Makes you want to smell a kitten…

2 weeks in Europe, with plans for 2-3 months in the future

I am still going on my European vacation, but it’ll only be for 2 weeks.

*cue the boos*

BF is a bit disappointed, but being a freelancer himself, he understands the importance of earning the money when it’s available, and taking vacation on the off peak times when you’re not working.

The apartment in Paris will always be available for us to use at any time (BF’s family is seriously awesome..)

Perhaps early 2011?


If this project goes until the end of December, I should earn approximately $120,000 gross for the entire 7 months, including my vacation & holidays.

After expenses & taxes, I’m actually expecting approximately $70,000 net.

This will be a welcome injection of cash into my savings.

Some links I’ve been saving up to share since.. forever

Have a great Tuesday!

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