Getting my goat as a freelancer

What irks me as a freelancer, is people don’t see that you really DO own a company, and you run it on the same principles a multi-billion dollar one would.

It’s just that I have to end up doing everything by myself, because there’s no one else.

I’m the President, Treasurer, Accountant, Legal Advisor, Business Development Officer, Contract Negotiator, Human Resources (hah! mostly for vacation planning) and so on.

So it gets my goat when people think I’m anything BUT professional, competent and aware of what my legal responsibilities and obligations are.

I don’t know everything, but I’m not an idiot.

Just the other day, someone remarked casually to me:

Well but you don’t have a contract.

I mean, you started working without one.”

I replied back in confusion:

“But I do. Legally, I have a contract.

It was an agreement signed between my company and [insert multi-billion dollar company name here]. I had a lawyer draw up a draft contract, I filled in the terms & we signed it together.

I never would have started working without one.


“*rolls eyes* Well yeah, you have a piece of paper, but it’s not an OFFICIAL contract that was written by THEM.”

Since when did having a piece of paper with some other “official” company letterhead and logo on it, became an “official” contract?

I let it slide, because I don’t want to get into stupid he said, she said fights, and if they want to bluster, they can go ahead and do it — I’m the one who is making the money, whether or not some employee thinks I’m “official” or not.

But when did the definition of a “company” become “you must have more than 1 employee”?

Technically speaking yeah, I’m a freelancer, but I am also legally incorporated.

If I didn’t have to be legally incorporated, I wouldn’t have bothered — it’s more administrative & tax work to be a one-woman corporation than a one-woman sole proprietor.

If I sign an agreement as the President under my corporate entity, with another person who is an executive in a ,much bigger corporate entity — it’s still a contract.

It’s a legally binding agreement.

It isn’t some FAKE contract where they can pretend they don’t have to pay me because the letterhead says my company name instead of theirs — I’d simply stop working & get a lawyer to make easy work out of getting what I’m owed in a court of law, plus damages.

This isn’t the only instance, either.

Generally speaking, people think you aren’t worth much if you aren’t someone (preferably huge and powerful) from a big company, which is just silly.

Every huge, successful corporation, started out as a one or two-person operation.

This is stuff I can only rant on my blog about, because I have to stay professional — calm, cool & collected.

There’s no sense in getting into pointless arguments with people who don’t affect whatsoever, what you bring home and bank — it just causes workplace animosity and tension for no real reason.

Then I just look at pictures like this and I instantly feel better 🙂

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