Do you use Google Chrome?

I don’t always agree, or love everything Google comes out with, but Gmail, Google Maps, Google Documents and Google Chrome are my favourite, most-used products.

Why use Google Chrome at all?

I use it on my Mac and on my PC, in addition to Firefox on my PC,.

I don’t use Safari, nor do I use Internet Explorer — they just don’t work for me.

It’s a great, quick browser that is fast and comes with very cool extensions, particularly their Dictionary extension.

Check out Google Chrome here.

What’s the Dictionary Extension?

It’s very simple. So simple, it’s stupid.

Just double-click on any word you are unsure of, and get an INSTANT definition in a pop-up bubble.

Ingenious. Now I can quickly look up words I am not quite sure of, without having to pop them into an online dictionary.

Of course, you cannot check words in text that you are typing (like in WordPress), but you wouldn’t type words you didn’t understand anyway, right?

Download that Dictionary Extension here.

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