Water-Only Facial Cleansing

Water Only Face Washing

The less I do to my skin the better.

I just wash with a splash of water in the morning, and at night. Then I dab dry, and add a little moisturizer to the dry spots, in the winter.

Since I don’t wear much makeup, I don’t see the point of throwing the oiliness of my skin off by drying it out with an actual cleanser all the time.

If I wear makeup, then I use facial cleanser to get all of it off my skin, because that stuff can be tricky!

I’ve noticed my skin improve since sticking to just water washing (do NOT use soap), and occasionally I will mix some baking soda in and use it as an exfoliator, which is also a way to absorb oil and cleanse the skin.

One other alternative method I tried was Olive Oil Cleansing

One method was to use the olive oil to mix in with the oils in my skin to clean my face.

Since I didn’t use castor oil mixed in there at all, I still had to use a facial cleanser to get the olive oil off after.

So I found it to be a useless step when I had to strip it all off anyway.

The other method was olive oil mixed in with castor oil.

I haven’t tried this yet, because I haven’t purchased castor oil.

If you want to know more about it, Mrs. Money wrote about it and SWEARS by the method.

For me, I found it was too heavy on my skin, and caused instant pimples on my cheek and forehead.

As for me, I’ll just stick to Water-Only for now. It seems to work the best.

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