SkinMD Natural Coupon: Enter “BROKE” for 20% discount

Head over to SkinMD Natural for a 20% discount off their products by using the coupon at checkout:


(Case-sensitive, meaning type it in exactly as it is, please!)

Online coupon valid for 30 days, starting May 8th 2010, and ending June 7th 2010.

If there any difficulties using the discount code during the ordering process you can call 1.800.540.4790.

They don’t just sell SPF lotions, they also sell regular skin creams that (seem) to be great for sensitive skin.

I tried out their sample packet, and it was fine, but ultimately I needed something stronger for night (Skyn Iceland), and with some low level SPF for the day (Korres Rose SPF 6).

I have however, received a free bottle & reviewed their SkinMD Shielding SPF 15 Lotion here, and was quite pleased with its natural ingredients and the way it worked.

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