Packing for a VERY long trip three weeks or for the long-term

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I used to live out of a suitcase for months on end.

I got used to understanding what was important, what was not and what to bring.

But here is the trickiest of them all: packing for overseas travel, for something 3 weeks or longer.

There seems to be more to remember.

And since most vacations are in the summer, I chose to do it for summer here.

(Partly because I am going on a trip, myself. Stay tuned for next week’s post on what I ACTUALLY packed)

If you are going in winter or autumn, pack a winter coat, and all the other winter things accordingly.

5 Overseas-specific things to think about:

  1. You will probably want to come back with souvenirs. Leave room.
  2. You will probably not want to be singled out as a noticeable tourist.
  3. I am assuming you will be washing items during the 3 weeks, especially underwear.
  4. Consider bringing your own plastic reusable utensils or cups.
  5. Do not pack items to try and have your entire wardrobe with you. It’s temporary!

Remember these are not set in stone rules

They are guidelines.

As you will see next week, I packed much more than what is listed here, due to the different climates I’ll be experiencing and unexpected family & friends events I am anticipating.

Plus two weddings.

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