Packing for a Short Weekend Trip or Getaway (Pleasure)


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If you want to know where each item is from, go to my Polyvore set & click on each item.

The below options can be modified to last for a longer trip.

All the items below should be more than enough for a weekend to a week on vacation, especially considering you can re-wear items.

The above is not a lot to pack.

Remember to roll your items so that they can stack ontop of each other and fit.

You will also be wearing at least 3 clothing items up there, so you’re only packing 2 tops, sweatpants and a dress.

Here is generally what I wear as a traveling outfit.

And this is how the combination of outfits plays out in my mind.

It is WAY MORE than what I need for a whole weekend including traveling, but the options are all there.

I don’t like to wear sweatpants in public.

But if you must, at least the tops and the cute jacket above will give you some solid style.

Not shown:

  • 4 pairs of Underwear
  • 4 pairs of Socks

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