Packing for a Business Trip (Week-Long)

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Most business trips are about a week long.

But if they aren’t, just cut back accordingly.

For business travel, I don’t like to bring a lot of accessories.

The reason being that I don’t want to lose my favourite pieces, and I don’t want to distract colleagues with jangly earrings or flashy things.

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If you want to know where any of the items are from and what they cost, you can check out the Polyvore set here.

Note: I do not own these items, nor do I condone the price of them.

Heck, I don’t own any one item worth over $300.

They are just good examples of what I look for.

You can find similar items for much cheaper at almost any price range (although I’d spend more on the shoes & the jacket, not the tops or the pants).

This is what I’d wear on the plane for the day of travel, instead of being a slob.

You will notice a common thread in a lot of what I pack.

It is mostly things that can do double-duty for night and day, depending on what shoes you wear, and what jacket or sweater you wear.

The boots and/or the ballet flats are optional depending on your style and your workplace dress code.

You can always bring a low-heeled pair of pumps instead of the two, and wear the slim sneakers out for when you want to be more casual.

Even sleepwear does double duty.

Not shown:

  • 6 pairs of Underwear
  • 6 pairs of Socks

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