Look what the mail lady brought me yesterday!

I entered Suzie’s giveaway a while back, hoping to score a few useful, already-thought-of-buying-it items for free.

And she delivered.. in spades.

Here was the original giveaway prize pack that I won:

  • L’occitane full sized hand cream – unused –> was already thinking of buying it
  • Mystic lips lip balm- unused –> For BF because loves free stuff too
  • Alpha H balancing cleanser
  • Alpha H Rejuvenating cream
  • Clinique moisturising lipgloss –> Looks like a nice colour that isn’t overdone
  • Decleor eye cream
  • Decleor lip cream
  • Body shop facial cloth –> thought about buying this to get rid of my flaky skin

Then she kindly sent me all of the above, PLUS MORE:

First, it came in this amazing pouch from Dr. Hauschka that opens quite wide, and has little elastic bands to hold brushes:

Then inside, was all of this stuff!

She included two charms, a blue sock that looks like it’s meant for one little baby’s foot or a small pouch for something Β (Suzie, please enlighten me on what it really is!!)…….two samples of SukiFace organic day lotion and a foaming exfoliate cleanser, as well as chocolate (*heart*) and a sample of Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion to enhance curls and control frizziness.


I now have the items I originally expected including a lip gloss for more than a few uses for Europe, a little gift for BF, a pouch that will come in SUPER handy and a satisfied chocolate craving.

Thanks again,Β Suzie! πŸ˜€

I would also like to point out to everyone that she is selling a bunch of MAC stuff here for what I think is fairly cheap, considering what I’ve seen of the brand’s prices.

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