Link Love: The Gluttonous but somewhat Healthy Edition

Got a tasty round up this week.

I’ve had food on the mind for a while now, and I need to let it out.

Not all of the links below will be food-related, but hey.. they’re mostly gluttonous.

Some of the recipes that have caught my eye lately can be easily turned vegetarian and some are already vegetarian (#1, #5 and #6).


  1. Lamb salad with pomegranates & potatoes (Kitchen Wench)
  2. Randi’s Cucumber Salad (Erin Cooks)
  3. Quinoa Green Peas and Sausage (Just Bento)
  4. Trout a la Meunière (Paupered Chef)
  5. Sea Salt Caramel Brownies (Guest Posted by Lys of Cooking in Stilettos on Duluth)
  6. St. Joseph’s Sawdust with Pasta (Serious Eats)




Get it? GET IT? Oh never mind. 🙂 🙂

  • BBC’s “Why are thin people are not fat” (exactly my metabolism; was insightful… but is it sick that the show made me hungry? :\)
  • BBC’s “Wild China” (China is  beautiful & so varied in its climates & environments, really a stunning set of videos)
  • Food Inc. (Incredible movie. Makes you rethink everything you eat)
  • Supersize Me (Quite sickening, but didn’t really make me feel sick, because I don’t enjoy eat a lot of fast food all the time)

(Thank you Gilles for the recommendation on “Why thin people are not fat”, and to everyone who shared great RSS-Fed Google Reader Shared items, many of which have made it up here.)


Imprinted fruit & vegetable bowls.

Interestingly enough, my mom did something similar for her art exhibition where she imprinted fruits and vegetables into bowls.

The cauliflower one is the most beautiful.

Via Re-Nest.

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