How to get 800 numbers and telemarketers off your back

You will need Caller ID for this.

Usually, it’s a telemarketing company located in India, putting your telephone number on their call loop until you actually pick up and they connect you to someone in India to sell you services on behalf of their client.

You are also probably a customer of said client.

Google their number, and you are sure to find forums filled with irate customers who have received the same annoying 1-800 number.

Call the company responsible to get to Customer Service.

telephoneAsk to be taken off every snail mailing, calling, emailing list they have in existence on their system for every type of package, service and product.

If they tell you it’s for your own good, reply with: “Don’t call or write to me.

Don’t worry.

I’ll contact YOU when I want to buy something from your company.

Works every time. I have single handedly gotten all the banks and their affiliated insurance companies in Canada off my back and cellphone.

I have also received no more telemarketing emails or inquiries since.

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