Every country is good at something

Note: some are stereotypical in my opinion, but please take it lightheartedly with a grain, no a handful of salt.

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  • Canada — Fruit Juice Drinkers (Even I thought this was lame, I thought it was crazed hockey fans!)
  • USA — Serial Killers (Ouch. See the gruesome list here.)
  • Australia — Car Thefts (Is this really a one up from Serial Killers in the U.S.?)
  • South Africa — Assaults
  • France — The Sugar Beet (for real? Yes. Check it out here.)
  • Japan — Robots (no brainer there.)
  • China — Pigs (another no brainer, why do you think there are so many Chinese pork dishes?)
  • Spain — Robberies
  • Egypt — Convicts
  • Portugal — Cork (now I know why they had so many shoes with cork heels there..)
  • Colombia — Cocaine (ever watch Modern Family? Yep.)
  • Netherlands — Ecstasy
  • Afghanistan — Opium (The poppy fields are so beautiful though, and it’s their only real source of income)
  • Cuba — Doctors
  • India — Cinema goers (Canada still beats them for being the lamest; seriously fruit juice drinkers!?)
  • Zimbabwe – Public Debt (er….)
  • Peru — Brazilian Nuts (surprisingly NOT Brazil’s #1)
  • Brazil — Sugar
  • Norway — Coffee Drinkers
  • Czech Republic — Beer Drinkers
  • Germany — Solar Panels (das ist cool!)
  • Ireland — Quality of Life (Huh. May have to revisit my Portugal Exit Strategy for Retirement)
  • Costa Rica — Happiness (Again… rethink!)
  • Thailand — Condoms (*ahem*)
  • Uganda — Children
  • Papua New Guinea — Languages

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