April 2010 Budget Roundup +$466.93


  • Am off contract, which means I am beached benched
  • Budgeted $1000 towards daily expenses from savings
  • Still waiting for my cheque from March earnings to arrive so I can save more $$

EXPENSES: $791.96

  • Spent $791.96 on basic living & expenses

SAVINGS: $13,000

  • All from my February Earnings
  • Saved $2000 into my TFSA
  • Saved $11,000 into my Emergency Fund

And here’s the pie chart for just my daily expenses (I removed my savings)


$80,629.67 $81,829.67

Decrease by $477.11 or 1% actually an increase by $466.93 or 1%

Original Net Worth Decrease factors:

  • My stocks (play money) lost a little this month
  • But I gained a little on my main retirement funds
  • Also spent about $700 on basic living but brought in $0 income

Note: I forgot!!!!! (And I am not going to change all the charts because of it)

I have $1200 coming in from the government, because I overpaid on my business taxes.

Better too much than too little, I say.

That amount, tacked onto my original net worth is an increase by almost the same amount.




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